Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back Pain? Sciatica? Grab This Book Free & Learn What 1000s of People Just Like You Did To Get Their Lives Back

Over on the right you should be seeing a flashy animated graphic for a great new book that was released recently called "The 7-Day Back Pain Cure"...
Well, it was written by a good friend of mine, Jesse Cannone. Jesse is recognized as one of the leading back pain relief experts in the world and right now he is giving away FREE copies of this new book.
It's not an eBook or anything like that... it's a *real* book and it's for sale on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble - but don't go buy it because if you go to his website right now you can get a free copy. You just pay a small shipping fee...
But it gets even better... a portion of your shipping fee is donated to one of two great charities: Habitat for Humanity or - you choose.

Not only is the book fabulous, but he's done such a great job in taking complicated issues like back pain or sciatic pain and the many things that cause them, and broken it all down into an easy to read and understand book.

I found it very eye-opening and I have already made many changes to my daily routine: from how I sit, to what I eat (or don't eat), to how I exercise and more... and I don't have back pain! But I DO want to prevent it. Just as importantly, I have family members who I’ll be giving a copy of this book to ASAP.

What I like most about the book are the "7-Day Action Plans" that he has at the end of the book... so based on your situation or condition, you choose the action plan that's best for you... then all you have to do is follow the steps. For example, if you have a herniated or bulging disc, then use that action plan.... Neck pain? Page 172... Sciatica? Page 178.

So, if you suffer from any type of back pain, I highly recommend you go grab yourself a free copy of his book now... And if you get to his website and they are out of free copies, I'd go buy it on Amazon... it's that good!

I'm sure you'll find it as helpful as I have, especially if you are in pain now.
Peace and Victory Over Pain,
P.S. If you don't have back pain or neck pain etc, but you know someone who does, like I do, please be sure to share this post with them... I'm sure they'll be thanking you over and over for a long time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Do You Have Arthritis? Now, Get Your Life BACK!

Red, burning, swollen and so stiff you don't want to move... that's what those who suffer from arthritis experience on a daily basis. If you know this all to well, you are probably one of the estimated 46 million that are living with arthritis every day just in the U.S. alone (that's 1 out of every 5 people). To better understand how to get relief from this debilitating disease we need to dive deeper into its root cause. Some of the types of arthritis which are associated with inflammation

* rheumatoid arthritis
* gout
* tendinitis
* bursitis
* polymyalgia rheumatica 

What is Arthritis? Arthritis actually means joint (arthr) inflammation (itis). Arthritis can be used to define a group of more than 100 rheumatic diseases and other conditions that can cause pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints or any part of your body. Additionally, it can damage the joint cartilage which can lead to joint weakness, instability and visible deformities that can interfere and, in severe cases, limit a person's ability to perform most basic daily tasks such as walking, climbing stairs, using a computer keyboard, washing
dishes or brushing your teeth. Arthritis can affect anyone regardless of age and most commonly affects joints in the knees, hips, hands and spine. If left undiagnosed and not treated properly, arthritis can cause irreversible damage to
the joints, bones, organs, and skin. Not to mention dramatically impair your quality of life.

Arthritis-related conditions primarily affect the muscles and the bones but it is also considered to be systemic, affecting the whole body. Arthritis can cause damage to any bodily organ or system, including the lungs, kidneys, blood vessels, skin and even the heart. The Arthritis Foundation sites two independent studies (Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota) both of which prove that the widespread inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis is linked to heart disease and an increased risk of early death.

No one really knows the exact cause of arthritis but there are certain risk factors to keep in mind:

* Genetics - likely to contribute to risk but no one knows how much.
* Age - the older you are the more at risk you become.
* Weight - maintaining a healthy weight will ease the load on the joints.
* Previous Injury - major injuries are likely to contribute to risk.
* Occupational Hazards - repetitive, high demand jobs increase risk.
* Certain Sports - high level, high demand sports can contribute to arthritis (however, general exercise is
always a plus.)
* Illness or infection - an infection in the joint or gout can lead to arthritis.

What we do know is that when you have arthritis your immune system goes into over-drive and causes the joints to swell and become inflamed. Therefore, treating the inflammation becomes key in managing the pain and discomfort  associated with this condition.

Sadly enough, the Arthritis Foundation reports that half of those Americans with arthritis don't believe anything can be done to help ease their pain. You may be in that situation yourself, having thrown your hands up in frustration and simply decided to live with your pain. The good news is that by reducing the inflammation you can significantly ease the painful symptoms associated with arthritis.

Here are a few ways to reduce your inflammation:

* Exercise - less weight equals less stress on joints
* Diet - Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole-grain products; limit sugar, salt and fat (especially saturated fat found in animal products) 
* Rest - a good balance between rest and activity is the key to joint health
* Over-the-counter and prescription medications - while these may provide temporary relief by masking the pain they are not always get to the root of the problem - inflammation. They can also have serious side effects, especially with long-term use.
* Natural anti-inflammatory supplements - probably the most
promising natural approach to reducing inflammation in a long while. We recommend looking for supplements containing systemic enzymes and all-natural herbal ingredients.

By taking these simple steps to reducing inflammation you will be well on your way to managing your arthritis pain and it devastating effects on your mind and body. Everyone should strive to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle for optimal health and wellbeing.

Finally... A Safe, Effective, All Natural Pain Reliever

Dan Monahan had reached the point where he was willing to try anything - anything to ease the constant pain and inflammation in his leg. He could no longer walk. Even standing was uncomfortable. His doctor gave him several prescription medicines but nothing helped. Pain was ruining his life. When Dan saw an ad for this natural pain reliever, he was skeptical. How could this product work when every prescription his doctor gave him hadn't? But he decided to give it a try. Let Dan tell you what happened:

"Was I pleasantly surprised! After only 2 to 3 days on the activation dose, I noticed reduced inflammation and less pain in my leg."

After just three weeks, Dan started walking again. This all natural product worked for Dan when all of his prescription drugs hadn't. You can relieve your constant, burning pain when prescription drugs no longer work – just like Dan did – with Heal-n-Soothe.

That's because Heal-n-Soothe works differently than prescription drugs. Here's how: Prescription drugs reduce
inflammation by switching off important compounds your body needs. Many are vital to your health. Eventually, you may need more drugs to get the same relief. Or worse, you experience dangerous side effects caused by drugs that are supposed to help you feel better. 

Heal-n-Soothe works WITH nature by adding more of
the enzymes that naturally reduce inflammation. With Heal-n-Soothe, your body has everything it needs to repair and renew your muscles and joints. You have less pain as a result - with no life threatening side effects. 

So if you're in constant pain and prescription drugs no longer help, don't wait another second. Don't you owe it to yourself to ease your pain by cooling all that inflammation? Get Heal-n-Soothe™ right here and now for FREE and do just that.

Peace and Victory Over Pain,
Jevaughn Brown
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Simple Stretch Eliminates Sciatic Pain in Seconds (Revisited)

I shared the link to this cool little video before, but THIS time I've been able to actually embed it right here so you can watch it immediately.  I actually had my Mom watch this video about 2 weeks ago - even though she's let "busyness" stop her from doing this stretch EVERY day, she's still reported remarkable pain relief so far as well as some flexibility returning. 

So if you're suffering from pain anywhere in the hips, thighs and/or buttocks, try this out daily for a few days and feel some of that persistent sciatic pain fade away. Feel free to share this video post with friends and family who need it. And please leave a comment when you do it now or come back later and let me know how it helps. 

Look on as Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT, Co-Founder of The Healthy Back Institute demonstrates an easy, simple stretch that can eliminate sciatic nerve pain in mere seconds. Then for way more info, grab a free copy of their official Sciatica Advisory: "Eliminate Your Sciatica in Just Days". I wager you'll be glad you did.

Peace and Victory Over Pain,
Jevaughn Brown

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have You Been Diagnosed With A Herniated Disc?

(Courtesy of Dr. Robert Duvall, DPT, ATC, MGFI (Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Athletic Trainer)

You've probably heard people say they have a "slipped" or "ruptured" disc in the back. Sometimes they complain that their back “went out”. What they're most likely describing is a herniated disc. This condition is a common source of back and leg pain.

Discs are soft cushions found between the vertebrae that make up the spinal column (your backbone). In the middle of the spinal column is the spinal canal, a hollow space that contains the spinal cord. The nerves that supply the arms, leg, and torso come from the spinal cord. The nerves from the neck supply the arms and hands, and the nerves from the low back supply the butt and legs. The discs between the vertebrae allow the back to move freely and act like shock absorbers.

The disc is made up of two main sections. The outer part
(the annulus) is made up of tough cartilage that is comprised of series of rings. The center of the disc is a jelly-like substance called the nucleus pulposus. A disc herniates or ruptures when part of the jelly center pushes through the outer wall of the disc into the spinal canal, and puts pressure on the nerves. A disc bulge is when the jelly substance pushes the outer wall but doesn't completely go through the wall.

What do you feel?

Low back pain will affect four out of five people during their
lifetime. The most common symptom of a herniated disc is “sciatica”.
Sciatica is best described as a sharp, often shooting pain that
begins in the buttocks and goes down the back of one leg. This is most often caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve that exits the spinal cord. Other symptoms include:

    * Weakness in one leg or both legs

    * Numbness and tingling in one leg (pins and needles)

    * A burning pain centered in the low back

    * Loss of bladder or bowel control (seek medical attention

    * Back pain with gradually increasing leg pain. (If you have
weakness in both legs. Seek immediate attention.)

How do you know you have a herniated disc?

Your medical history is key to a proper diagnosis. A physical
examination can usually determine which nerve roots are affected (and how seriously). A simple x-ray may show evidence of disc or degenerative spine changes. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is usually the best option (most expensive) to determine which disc has herniated.

Why do discs herniate?

Discs are primarily composed of water. As we become older (after the age of 30), the water content decreases, so the discs begin to shrink and lose their shape. When the disc becomes smaller the space between the vertebrae decreases and become narrower. Also, as the disc loses water content the disc itself becomes less flexible.

While aging, excess weight, improper lifting and the decrease in water in the discs all contribute to the breaking down of discs, the primary cause of a herniation or bluge is uneven compression and torsion that's placed on the discs.

This uneven pressure is caused by imbalances in muscles that pull the spine out of its normal position and then your body is forced to function in what I call a physical dysfunction. Every human being develops these dysfunctions over time and eventually they cause enough damage to create pain.

When it comes to treating a herniated disc, there are traditional treatments such as ice/heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medications and even surgery. While these may deliver some relief, it will usually be temporary if at all.

But the major problem with these traditional treatments is that they can't fix or heal a herniated disc as they do not address the actual cause of the problem. For example, even if you were to have a surgery and get some pain relief, the fact is the dysfunctions that caused the disc to herniate in the first place are still there and if not addressed, they will continue to place uneven pressure and strain on the discs and sooner or later you will likely have another problem with that disc, or others.

Without identifying and addressing the underlying cause of the problem, which is the physical dysfunctions caused by imbalances in muscles, you will likely continue to suffer with this condition and the continuous flare ups for years.
Unfortunately, most doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists don't spend time or focus on identifying the physical dysfunctions that are responsible for the condition so most people end up jumping from one useless traditional treatment to the next and suffer for months or years unnecessarily.

If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, or are wondering if your back pain may be caused by a herniated disc, either way you must identify and address the physical dysfunctions that are causing your pain as part of your recovery.

If you’ve been diagnosed with herniated disc, or you suspect that is the source of your persistent pain, the Lose The Back Pain System is without a doubt the answer you’ve been searching for. There, you will
find the proven techniques and step-by-step self-treatment methods all
those specialists you’ve seen to no avail DON’T even know that have given tens of thousands of people just like you total pain relief.

Check out the Lose The Back Pain System website and let the real experts show you how to and get rid of your back pain forever…

Peace and Victory Over Pain,
Jevaughn Brown
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sciatic Stretches: Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain: The Hidden Cause

(Courtesy of Dr. Tomas Sullivan)

The decisions of picking a name… 
The anticipation and excitement…
Painting the new room… 
Clothing, diapers and family celebrations. 
The joy of a pregnancy is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately however, for many women the later months of pregnancy can prove to be quite challenging. One common problem many women face is lower back pain.

Lower back pain can be a horrible interruption in day-to-day

activities for a pregnant woman. More importantly, it interferes with their quality of life, not to mention the enjoyment of one of the most memorable times of their life.

The obvious cause of lower back pain is the biomechanical stress being
placed on the mother by the added weight of baby. As the baby gains weight the mother is pulled forward. In order to compensate for this forward pull, the mother has to lean her upper body backward. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the low back and pelvis.

This explanation of low back pain sounds complete. It is a true
explanation but is only a small part the problem. The “hidden” cause of lower back pain is actually muscle imbalances. In fact muscle imbalances are a common cause of lower back pain in pregnancy but it is also responsible for back pain in a majority of the population.

The strength and tone of the muscular system is an extremely important
factor when assessing a patient with lower back pain. Unfortunately, muscle imbalances are not addressed properly by most health practitioners… but just because they are not trained in identifying and addressing muscle imbalances, it doesn’t mean you have to continue to suffer…

But before I share with you the solution to this problem, let me first
explain in more detail what a muscle imbalance is and how it causes back pain and sciatica…

In a nutshell, muscle imbalances work like this: Muscles work together
with opposing muscles to allow movement at joints. One muscle stretches while the other shortens. Each side should be of equal tone and strength. When a pregnant woman walks, moves, bends, twists or sleeps she will typically do so in an unbalanced and awkward manner to accommodate for her increased weight. In addition, various everyday activities and positions we put our body in create imbalances in the muscle groups and during pregnancy it only worsens…

Muscle imbalances then pull the pelvis and low back out of alignment and
this places uneven and excessive stress on the muscles, bones and joints.

The spine is comprised of 24 moveable bones with a shock-absorbing disc
in-between each bone. This spinal column rests on three large bones called the pelvic girdle. When this spinal column is in proper alignment it will carry a majority of the weight and stress being placed on the body. When one or more of these 24 bones misaligns, especially the pelvis, the
muscles work overtime so to speak. They now have to carry the weight that the spinal column is supposed to handle. At this point the muscles are unbalanced and are very prone to an injury. Lower back pain is the most common expression of this problem.

If the above scenario takes place then the stage has been set for lower
back pain and dysfunction. Not only does the soon-to-be-Mom have to deal with safely carrying the baby, she has to now do it with a painful lower back. Let’s face it, the soon-to-be-Mom is going to be in pain and she is not going to enjoy her most cherished time in life.

The Solution

The solution is based on a better understanding of muscle imbalances and
how your body works… The first thing you have to do is fully understand what muscle imbalances are, how they are created and how they cause back pain and sciatica…

Once you understand muscle imbalances the next step is to identify the ones
you have and understand how they are creating your pain… after you have identified the imbalances is when you can then begin addressing them with the right combination of corrective exercises, stretches and treatments…

Unfortunately, there are very few healthcare professionals that are trained
and experienced in addressing muscle imbalances… the good news is you can find out what imbalances you have on your own by performing simple self
assessments or tests...

If you or a loved one is an expectant Mom and have been enduring back pain for months thinking nothing more can be done,
you can learn how exactly to identify and address your muscle imbalances with the Lose The Back Pain System (FREE for 30 days) - and get back to enjoying this beautifully special time in your life.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sciatic Stretches: 4 Things Cause Sciatica...What's Causing Your Pain?

by Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, CSPN and Steve Hefferon, CMT, PTA, CPRS of The Healthy Back Institute

What's Covered In This Advisory:
4 Things Cause Sciatica... What's Causing Your Pain?...
 Plus, Details on a Promising New Treatment...
8 Out of 10 Get Lasting Pain Relief

Dear Sciatica Sufferer,
By requesting a copy of this sciatica advisory, you have joined over 500,000 people who have benefited greatly from the information covered in our advisory...

Here at The Healthy Back Institute we have spent the last 10 years researching and studying back pain and sciatica... We've tested nearly every treatment, technique and product available... We promise you will find the information in this advisory to be extremely informative, educational and helpful.

We've heard nearly every imaginable story and we are confident that yours is not that much different... While every case or situation is unique, there are some underlying elements that are always present. For example, there are 4 primary conditions that are responsible for nearly every case of sciatica...

4 Conditions Cause Sciatica... Which is Causing Your Pain?

Sciatic pain is simply caused by pressure being placed on the sciatic nerve and there are primarily four things that can create this...  you may have one or more of the following conditions:

Condition #1 - Piriformis Syndrome
This is the most common cause of sciatic pain and is created when pressure is placed on the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle. Muscle imbalances pull the hip joints and pelvis out of place and this change of position typically shortens and tightens the piriformis muscle, which then places pressure on the sciatic nerve...

NOTE: Because the Sciatica Advisory is so detailed and includes images and illustrations, I can’t show it all here, so click here now to get access to the rest of this invaluable information.
You may just look back on this day and what you decided to learn here as the day that changed your life by freeing you from sciatica’s painful grip.

Peace and Victory Over Pain,

Jevaughn Brown
Get The Sciatica Advisory
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5 Tips For Getting Rid Of Back Pain, Sciatica, Etc

Millions of people suffer from back pain unnecessarily when there is actually a very simple solution, according to Jesse Cannone, certified personal trainer and back pain specialist. “Unfortunately, many people are led to believe that back pain is normal and we're all supposed to experience it... well, thankfully, that’s not the case. Eliminating back pain is not nearly as difficult as most people think or are led to believe... it can actually be easy!” says Cannone.

Here’s the simple system that MUST be followed if you are looking for real, long-term, lasting relief:

1. Identify the cause – nearly all of the treatments people receive for back pain only focus on the symptoms and the health care professionals zoom in on only the problem area. The real key in eliminating back pain is to find out exactly what’s causing the problem... and most of the time it’s not even the back!

2. Address both the cause and the symptom – the best approach is a combination of treating the symptoms for pain relief while also addressing the underlying cause.

3. Be aware – many people suffering from back pain are not in tune with their bodies and during their treatment they do not realize what is working and what is not. In order to achieve long-term relief you have to understand how your body works, what’s causing the problem, and what changes have to be made to correct it.

4. Take Consistent Focused Action - achieving success in anything requires consistency and focused action. Most people with back pain won't make the time to work on their problem each day... instead they take pain killers which mask the pain and allow them to cause more damage while they continue with their life.

5. Don't do what doesn't work - we already know that most traditional treatments for back pain don't work.... why waste your time, energy, and money? The real key to eliminating back pain is to identify the true cause of the pain and then address it with a combination of treatments to treat both the cause and symptoms. Over 80% of all back pain is caused by muscle imbalances... NOT a lack of pain killers or surgery! Find out what's going on in your body and take action.

In his new book, "The 7-Day Back Pain Cure" Jesse Cannone, co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute, expands on these tips and more to present a simple, easy-to-follow system for rapid pain relief... A method you tailor to YOUR needs, whether your condition is lower back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, neck pain or any other. 

And the best part is, he's GIVING IT AWAY FREE! And for every order, he'll make a donation to a charity where you get to choose which.

Thousands have already grabbed their own copies and had it work for them; everyone from stay-at-home moms to 62 year-olds to soccer players. Click here and go check it out for yourself while it's still ridiculously FREE.

Peace and Victory,
Jevaughn Brown

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back Pain? Neck Pain? Sciatica? Read This FREE Book

If you suffer from any type of back, neck or sciatic pain,
then you need to go grab a copy of my good friend, Jesse
Cannone's new book, "The 7-Day Back Pain Cure" ASAP...

Right now he is actually giving it away... you can also
buy it on Amazon, but if you grab one of the free copies
from his website he is going to donate $2 to St. Jude's
Children's Hospital or Habitat for Humanity - you even
get to choose the charity!

Now, I've known Jesse for a long time and he is known as
the "back pain relief guy" because he's helped so many
people to finally get rid of their pain... and over the
years, I personally have learned a lot from him...

But his new book is incredible... in it he does what no
one else in the medical community does, and that is put
together all of the pieces... See, most people when they
have back pain usually get treatments that only mask the
pain... and even then, the treatments only address the
physical symptoms...

In this book he shows you:

- Why traditional treatments always FAIL to deliver
lasting relief
- The 7 mistakes that most people make that keep them in
- How to identify the real, underlying causes of your pain
- Which treatments work, which ones don't and how to know
which is right for you

So if you have ever suffered from back pain or sciatica,
or are currently dealing with it, I highly recommend you grab a copy of his book now - and you can't beat the price (FREE)...

But don't wait or 'think about it" as he can’t possibly
keep *giving away* this amazing book forever, and there are literally millions of people with back pain who are likely to hear about this.

You owe it to yourself to figure out the right way to CURE
the pain you don’t have to be living with anymore.
With this book, you can.

Peace and Victory Over Pain,

Jevaughn Brown
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beat Gravity - Heal Your Body: The Inversion Table

If you're looking for a non-invasive way to ease back or neck pain, I think you'll be impressed with the results you get with Inversion Table therapy.

But, keep in mind, its benefits go way beyond relieving pain. It's also ideal for relieving stress, boosting circulation, relaxing tight muscles, and providing rejuvenation for the entire body.

And if you visit a Chiropractor's office with any regularity, you'll especially want to read this!

Did you know that after a normal day's activities, you can lose up to three-quarters of an inch in height? That's the force of gravity working along with muscle imbalances, compressing the vertebrae of the spine together.

Let's take a closer look at what happens when gravity compresses the spine.

Your nerve system runs through your spine and the individual discs allow the nerves to pass through each vertebral joint. The discs act as shock absorbers and allow the spine to flex.

When gravity compresses the spine, fluid squeezes out of the discs into the surrounding tissues. The delicate nerve roots passing through the vertebrae can become pinched, causing pain.

Uneven pressure on the individual discs can lead to bulging and herniation, serious conditions that can cause damage to the spine along with chronic pain.

Inversion Therapy is not new. In fact, it's been safely and successfully used for over 2000 years to treat back pain.

An Inversion Table is a comfortable, sturdy *table* that gently swings backwards to allow you to invert yourself to varying degrees. Inverting yourself to as little as 25 degrees for just a few minutes, you begin to enjoy the many benefits of Inversion Therapy.

Almost immediately after tilting the table back, you feel a rush of relaxation through your entire body. Gravity now works in your favor to gently stretch the spine, allowing compressed vertebrae to re-open. Fluid flows back into the discs. Nerve roots are freed, easing pain. Even a herniated disc can pop back into place.

And here's something else really important. Within just seconds of inverting, your muscles and ligaments begin to relax. Stress and tension ease away. A surge in lymphatic flow flushes trapped waste products from muscle tissue. The result is less stiffness and pain.

Imagine how relaxed you'll feel after a stressful day at work, a high impact workout, or even enjoying your favorite activities.

What are some other benefits of Inversion Therapy?

Along with decompression of the spine and relaxation of the muscles, here are other benefits of Inversion Therapy:

-     Boosts mental sharpness and brain function by increasing the flow of fresh, oxygenated blood to your brain and upper body.

-     Clears blood from your feet, legs, and lower body, and helps to drain varicose veins...

-     Stimulates the flow of the lymph system, helping to clear toxins from the body...

-     Tones and lifts inner organs, improving blood flow and supporting good digestion and waste elimination...

-     Eases pressure on weight-bearing joints and helps maintain flexibility of your joints and spine...

The Inversion Therapy Table from The Healthy Back Institute is the best you'll find. Extremely sturdy and well-built, this table comes with a 5-year warranty - unheard of in the industry. Includes instruction manual and DVD.

If you truly want to put an end to whatever form of back pain or nerve pain you've been battling with for so long, then I highly recommend that you check out the Inversion Therapy Table, FREE for 30 Days, right here.

Peace and Victory Over Pain,
Jevaughn Brown

P.S. If you don't make a decision to take action and resolve your pain issues TODAY - When will you? Try Out The Inversion Therapy Table Free Right Here

Monday, July 5, 2010

“Lost Cause” Back-Pain Sufferer Finds Relief After 30 Years of Pain

“Lost Cause” Back-Pain Sufferer Finds Relief After 30 Years of Pain From a Surprising Home-Based Treatment

Carole Gardner was officially a "lost-cause" - she suffered for
over 30-years with back-pain. You name the condition - sciatica, herniated disc, slipped vertebrae, spinal stenosis, an "s" curved spine (scoliosis) - she had it all.

She endured constant pain throughout her hip, leg, butt and lower back. Over the years she'd been put in braces and casts that only made things worse. Doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and all kinds of experts tried and failed to help her.

Now, after three decades of pain, she's virtually pain-free,
on many days she's totally pain-free. And she did it without
surgery, without costly visits to specialists of any kind, 
and without drugs, and succeeded right in the comfort of her
own home.

She reports, "My abilities defy my MRI films!" What's the
"miraculous" secret to her recovery? A home-based, do-it-yourself self-treatment system for back-pain showing you how to fix the hidden causes of back-pain using Muscle Balance Therapy.

You were probably never told about muscle-imbalances - when one set of muscles is stronger or tighter than the opposing muscle groups, and how they lead to herniated discs, sciatica, upper and lower back pain and magnify pain from other conditions.

If you suffer from back-pain - if you've tried everything and
nothing else has worked, then I urge you to grab a copy of
this FREE REPORT on how Muscle Balance Therapy can deliver seemingly miraculous results like Carole's. 
Visit here now to get yours...

Peace and Victory Over Pain,

Jevaughn Brown
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P.S. Who else do you know who suffers from back pain? Be sure tell them about this post so they too can get a free copy
of the guide. They will never stop thanking you for it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hip-Dysfunctions That Are Causing Your Back Pain

Which of these FOUR major Hip-Dysfunctions is causing your Back-Pain?

Did you know your back-pain could be caused by the muscles
in your thighs? Or in your hips, sides and legs? 

You see, if your thigh, hip, leg or other muscles are out
of balance your pelvis and spine get yanked right out of
their natural, healthy position.

These hip-dysfunctions are actually the hidden culprit in
most cases of back related pain. And they get worse over
time because they force your back-muscles to start working
"against the grain", weakening them over-time.

Worse, it's almost impossible to get lasting pain relief
if you never fix the dysfunction because everything else,
even herniated and bulging discs, sciatic and other back
conditions – they’re all symptoms of the underlying imbalance.

There are really only about FOUR major hip-dysfunctions
that you might have:

-    A forward-tipped pelvis...
-    A backward-tipped pelvis...
-    A high right, or left pelvis...
-    A forward tipped head and neck...

Once you identify which of these is causing your pain,
it's simply a matter of stretching and strengthening the
right muscles to fix the dysfunction.

The good news is you can get a FREE COPY of the Healthy
Back Institute's Back Pain Relief Guides - The only
Self-Diagnosis and Self-Treatment system for
hip-dysfunctions. Visit this link to find out how...

Wishing you optimal health,

Jevaughn Brown
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P.S. Who else do you know who suffers from back pain? Be sure to link to this post to tell them about it so they too can get a free copy of the guide. They will never stop thanking you for it: The Free Back Pain Relief Guide